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The Benefits of Contact Lenses – What Optometrists Want You to Know

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

With spring and warm weather on its way our patients often start to think about visiting an eye doctor to either try contact lenses or update their contact lens prescription to stock up on lenses for the coming months.

What your Optometrist wants you to keep in mind:

  1. Your contact lens prescription and your glasses prescription are not identical!

The difference between these prescriptions varies from patient to patient and completing a professional contact lens fitting with an optometrist is your best plan of action to ensure optimal vision with your contact lenses.

  1. If you purchase your lenses online, you could be putting your eye health at risk!

Many online retailers sell lenses not safe for use because they do not have the same code of ethics to adhere to that eye doctors must follow.

Lenses purchased from overseas may have been compromised by their storage of import methods; lack of temperature controls can cause the contact lens to deteriorate before wear leading to potential eye health risks!

When you complete a professional contact lens fitting, you’re able to take your contact lenses for a “test-drive” prior to purchasing. Unfortunately, when you purchase online you have no idea about the comfort or vision which could mean being stuck with lenses that don’t work for you due to return and exchange restrictions!

  1. Over-wearing and sleeping in your contact lenses deprive your eyes of essential oxygen!

While daily contact lenses are more oxygen permeable than most extended wear contact lenses, over-wearing your lenses still deprives your eyes of its necessary oxygen to maintain proper eye health

  1. Contact Lens Technology has allowed advancements for eye doctors to provide comfortable, amazing vision with contact lenses for even more patients!

Patients with astigmatism and high cylinder prescriptions previously ruled out of being contact lens wearers can now see clearly with contact lenses, thanks to advancement in expanded lens parameters.

With more options available for patients with dry eye and multifocal prescriptions many people unable to wear contact lenses before can now wear them successfully and comfortably!

The Benefits of Contact Lenses:

  1. Freedom from eyeglasses:

Contact lenses offer freedom to their wearer for sports and other outdoor activities; Optometrists will determine what lens will work best for your preferred activities.

  1. Contact lenses offer unobstructed, clear vision:

They offer a wider field of vision than glasses, there are no frames to obstruct vision and contact lenses offer clearer peripheral vision for their wearer

  1. In some cases, better vision than eyeglasses:

Depending upon the patients’ prescription contact lenses can provide optimal vision for certain activities as compared to eyeglasses. Having a discussion with your eye doctor about a contact lens fitting will determine your best plan of action!

  1. Contact Lenses offer freedom for wearers in all seasons!

Although most people think about contact lenses in warmer weather they are a great option for winter and fall because they do not fog up or disrupt vision with snow or rain as with traditional eyeglass lenses

  1. Some patients still don’t like how they look in glasses:

Wearers of eyeglasses can often experience self-consciousness and believe their glasses to be unattractive; contact lenses can offer a solution for patients by eliminating the need for glasses for a short period of time

Why your Optometrist Recommends a Fitting:

  1. Optimal Vision – Clear, crisp vision with contact lenses

Eye doctors write a separate, custom prescription based on each patients’ very specific needs, and tests your vision in your prescribed lenses

  1. Comfort – Personalized fit specific to you

Optometrists take additional measures when fitting a patient for contact lenses; measuring the curvature of the eye, checking corneal health and ensuring lenses provide the best possible vision!

  1. Best Recommendation – Eye Doctors evaluate your specific needs

Throughout your exam your eye doctor discusses your personal history and lifestyle to determine your eye health and vision needs. This allows them to make a recommendation for you as to which type of lens and their duration of wear will work best to meet your eye care needs.

  1. Latest Technology – The lastest and greatest in contact lenses

Contact lenses have come a long way with advancements in technology and they are always adapting and emerging with new options. Optometrists complete regular education and stay up to date with advancements in all areas of eye care not just contact lenses; allowing them to provide you with the most recent options available to you!

Visiting your optometrist to complete your annual comprehensive eye exam and professional contact lens fitting are your best plan of action to get your eyes ready for warm weather and summer fun!

Thinking about trying contact lenses? Schedule your contact lens fitting with our doctors of optometry today!


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