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Eyeglasses and Lenses Store in Mississauga

Do you need eye glasses to correct and improve your vision?

Trillium Eye Care offers a wide selection of designer and prescription eye glasses, and frames. Feel free to visit our clinic or set an appointment.

Your eye health should also be on your priority list. There are many factors that could compromise our vision, but with a regular eye examination, early detection could help prevent and manage conditions.

Benefits of Eye Glasses
  • Eye glasses offer an accurate correction of vision. It corrects vision within 0.50 dioptre of the intended correction.

  • It is a less expensive solution to correct your eyes as compared to contact lenses or surgery.

  • Eye glasses are also easy to maintain.

  • There are small to zero cases of side effects caused by eye glasses since they never physically touch the eyeballs.

  • You can purchase eye glasses easily.

  • You can get stylish and sophisticated frames that will match your needs.

  • Eye glasses protect your eyes from injury,

  • Eye glasses also serves as protection from dusts, irritants, and other particles that may harm our eyes.

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