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Staying Ahead of Age-Related Vision Loss

Updated: Jan 10

Aging causes several health problems, including vision loss. To keep our eyes healthy as possible while we’re still young, it is best to have a regular eye check-up with an eye doctor in Mississauga. For your eye care needs, trust Trillium Eye Care to provide eye treatment.

Common Age-related Vision Problems

Age-related vision loss symptoms may show up in your early 30’s or 40’s, and may depend on the care you do for your overall eye health. However, some people experience vision problems even during their pre-adolescent years. The latter may be due to genetics or any medical condition.

For people with “normal” vision, however, other factors can affect their eye health that can eventually result in age-related vision problems. These may include:

  1. Not using protective eye wear when needed (ex. when staring at a computer screen for a long time, going outdoors when there is too much sunlight, etc.)

  2. Not taking eye health supplements

  3. Exposure to unhealthy surroundings

  4. Eating unhealthy foods

  5. Not practicing proper eye care (ex. resting your eyes every few minutes, etc.)

As mentioned, age-related eye problems are one of the common effects of aging. However, having vision problems no matter how old you are can greatly affect your overall quality of life. In addition, some conditions may not show up unless it is already in its advanced stages. Hence, it is important not to take regular eye checkups for granted.

If you, or if you know someone with any eye problems – regardless of age – it is best to consult a highly-skilled optometrist in Mississauga before it gets worse.

  1. Macular Degeneration

This common age-related eye disease can affect your daily life including doing simple tasks like reading or driving around. This condition happens due to the gradual decline of your central vision. This condition can affect your vision especially on your ability to see your surroundings more clearly.

  1. Low Vision

This condition may not be as life-threatening, but it can also affect your overall quality of life and can worsen if left untreated. Using corrective lenses, glasses, or even surgery may help relieve the condition, but the symptoms may still linger. Fortunately, a lot of people are able to overcome this and accomplish their daily activities albeit with some challenges along the way.

  1. Glaucoma

This eye disease is due to high pressure in the eyes, which can affect the peripheral vision as a result. Moreover, this condition affects the optic nerves that result in vision loss and, in worse cases, blindness.

  1. Dry Eye

A person with dry eyes experiences the inability to properly produce tears. Tears are vital for eye moisture and prevention of having infections, which is why people with dry eyes feel uncomfortable even with the slightest eye movement.

  1. Diabetic Eye Disease

Diabetes can result in many health complications including diabetic eye disease. Specifically, one of the common forms is diabetic retinopathy which occurs when diabetes affects your retina’s blood vessels and result to eye problems including blindness.

These are only some of the common age-related eye health problems that a lot of people around the world suffer from. If you have these symptoms or you know someone with eye problems, it is best to have it checked at an experienced eye doctor in Mississauga.

Finding an Optometrist in Mississauga

optometrist Mississauga

To maintain healthy eyes, make sure to adapt a healthy lifestyle and eat foods that can be beneficial for eye health. For any symptoms of eye problems, consult an eye doctor immediately. At the end of the day, our eyes are one of the most important parts of our body, and it is only right to give it the best care while we are still young.


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