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Your Lasik Consultation – What to Expect

Updated: Mar 29

Deciding to choose Lasik to correct your eyesight can be a big decision. Even for eye Doctors, there is much to consider before qualifying a patient for the surgery. If you are considering Lasik, you can get a consultative exam to determine whether Lasik is an option for you and your eyes.

First – What is Lasik?

During a Lasik procedure, a laser is used to carefully remove and reshape your corneal tissue. The cornea is key to how you naturally see the world. This part of your eye focuses light to help create an image on your retina. Irregularities in the cornea is what causes you to experience near sightedness, far sightedness, or astigmatism.

The results will be relatively fast. The procedure itself is quick, in many cases only requiring about 20 minutes. Most patients begin to see much clearer the same day, however, we would recommend a full 48 hours before resuming your regular activities, like driving. Many patients are able to achieve a perfect vision of 20/20, with a portion being able to exceed it.

Lasik can be a great solution for people who do not want to rely on wearing glasses or contacts every day, but not everyone who wants Lasik will meet the right corneal criteria to actually go through with the procedure. That is where pre-screenings or consultations become an integral part of the process. A consultation also provides an excellent opportunity for you, the patient, to ask a Doctor all of your Lasik questions.

Is Lasik Right for You?

At Trillium Eye Care, we perform a full evaluation of your vision and overall eye health. You can expect everything that you would encounter during a typical eye exam to determine your basic prescription, but for Lasik consults, extra measurements must be taken. Your pupils will be dilated with special drops to re-measure your refractive error to ensure the most precise results possible. We will also need to measure your corneal curvature and thickness. This is imperative for qualifying patients for Lasik due to the entire procedure focusing on your cornea.

A good candidate for Lasik must also meet certain requirements such as being at least 18 years of age, having stable vision for at least the past year, and not currently pregnant or nursing. A history of good corneal health and no current eye problems like glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy are also subjects taken into consideration. If you have previous medical records with information pertaining to past eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions or any afflictions, it may be a good idea to bring that with you to your consultation, or at least refresh your memory on your past vision screenings and health.

Ready for Lasik?

Our Optometrists will provide you with a full analysis of your eye health and corneal condition after your exam is complete. Your records may also be sent to a nearby Lasik center for further evaluation. Then, we will either recommend you for Lasik or offer other standard options such as contacts or glasses, should you not meet the necessary criteria.  Our office works closely with top Ophthalmologists in the area who perform Lasik and have received excellent reviews. If you qualify, we will only refer you to best Doctors we trust.

If you are considering whether Lasik may be right for you, schedule an appointment online or call our office at 905-990-4393 to schedule your full consultative exam.


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