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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses became the preferred choice for correcting vision for many patients. Patients obtain a prescription compatible with their contact lenses after scheduling a contact lens fitting.

It’s not surprising that many patients look for an alternative to traditional eyeglasses. Many people most likely choose contacts for their particular lifestyle, for sports, fitness, and fashion. The reason why they favor wearing contacts more than eyeglasses — freedom!

To receive a free trial pair, schedule a contact lens fitting today and see the difference. Experience the freedom of contact lenses.


Approximately 125 million people globally wear contacts with 38 million in the U.S. alone. A growing number of Canadians are choosing to wear a pair of contact lens as an alternative, or in addition to their traditional eyeglasses.

Most people who wear contacts belong near the age of 30-year-old age level. However, children and seniors also wear them.

Wearing Contact Lenses

Training – How to Properly Wear Contacts

It’s easy to learn how to wear contact lenses given proper training and guidance. Our Optometrists and staff ensure comfortability in inserting and removing your lenses as well as advising on how to care for them.

As a result of the training from our staff, familiarity in using them creates more confidence to wearers.

Wearing Daily Contacts

Daily contacts offer the benefits of wearing a new pair every day. Daily contacts offer significant advantages over other lenses because each lens is designed to be specifically worn only for a day. When appropriate, we recommend daily contact lenses that offer increased comfort, cleanliness, and usability.

Safe Practices

Manufacturing Contact Lenses

Considered as “medical devices” contacts must be licensed by Health Canada before importing and selling them in Canada. The process is similar in the U.S. with the Food and Drug Administration. Medical Devices Regulations makes sure that safe and effective lenses reach consumers; therefore, meeting manufacturing standards.

How to Purchase

As a medical device, contact lenses should always be fitted by a licensed professional. The prevalence and availability of those sold online caused misconception among many that they are safe to use based on their own design.

Various research supports an increasing number of complications and cases associated with purchasing contacts online when patients do not receive a proper contact lens fitting.