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Optometrists at Trillium Eye Care

Dr. Alexandra Vorobeva

Dr. Alexandra Vorobeva

Dr. Alexandra Vorobeva is the managing eye doctor of Trillium Eye Care.


Dr. Vorobeva’s extensive experience includes working for Optivue, one of the largest and renounced eye care and surgery centers in Ohio.


Dr. Alexandra Vorobeva graduated from Nova Southeastern University with her Doctorate in Optometry and Bachelors in Vision Science. Prior to receiving her Doctorate of Optometry, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of North Florida.


License to Practice Optometry

Dr. Vorobeva is qualified to practice optometry in Canada and the United States.

Community Involvement:

Dr. Vorobeva enjoys staying involved in the community and participates in volunteer activities. She serves as an eye care provider for the Special Olympics, Walk for Autism, Local Vision Screening and educational seminars for the community. Dr. Alexandra Vorobeva has a husband named William, and two chocolate labs named Teddy and Tula. When not at the office, Dr. Vorobeva enjoys boating, hiking, photography and traveling.