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If you belong to the 90 percent of adults who spend most of their hours in front of a screen, you are at risk of developing digital eye strain or Computer Vision Syndrome. If you feel that your vision has recently declined due to prolonged screen exposure, you can see our optometrist at Trillium Eye Care, Mississauga.

Here are some eye care tips you can use to protect your eyes in this fast-paced and digital society.

eye care tipsCreate a Work Space That Encourages Proper Posture

Position your computer screen slightly lower than your eye level and within arm’s length. This will help maintain proper posture and lessen muscle strain. This position also aids in maintaining a safe distance away from the screen or monitor.

Reduce Glare

Always place your screen or monitor in a position that allows it to minimize the level of glare. Avoid positioning it in front of glossy surfaces. Light should not be placed directly behind or above you.

Get a Computer Eyewear

There are some optometrists and eye doctors who like to recommend using eyewear that especially protects the eyes from screens. Usually, they advise wearing a pair of anti-reflective lenses with a specially designed coating. This selectively absorbs and even blocks the blue light that is coming from the monitors and screens.

Follow the 20/20/20 Rulevision

This rule is very simple yet it can save your eye from digital eye strain. The rule simply states that you have to take a 20-second break, every 20 minutes and focus your eyes on something at least 20 feet away from your position.

Check the Brightness Level of Your Monitors

Our eyes are not naturally made for blue light produced by screens and monitors. In order to protect your eyes from this, try adjusting the level of brightness of your devices. Shift from bright white to cool gray to lessen the strain.

Blink Often

Blinking is a healthy and protective activity of the eyes. It keeps the eyes moist by lubricating them thus they remain fresh and healthy.

Change Font Size and Style

In addition to changing the level of brightness and minimizing the glare of your screens, another important adjustment you can make concerns the font size and style. A bigger sized text allows you to read easily. Also, choose a font that is eye-friendly.

Impose Strict Use of Gadgets and Other Electronic Devices

This is especially applicable if you have children at home. It is important that you limit their access to electronic gadgets and minimize their exposure to screens or monitors. This will keep their eyes healthy and on its top shape.

Have Your Eyes Checked

Having your eyes checked at least once a year is advisable. If you are located in Mississauga or areas nearby and would like to see an optometrist, feel free to visit us at Trillium Eye Care.