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Vintage trends dominated 2018, and many liked how the designers interpreted and introduced their versions of aviators, cat eyes, and round shapes. This year, styles are going a notch higher. Fashion enthusiasts are going to see more shapes and twists not seen in the past decades.

Trillium Eye Care in Mississauga has the latest and trendy selection of eyewear for those who want to stay in style. The eyewear brands and designers are always presenting newer designs and concepts. To stay up to date, come and visit us and see our latest collection of designer eyewear and the newest trends.


colorful eyeglassesIn the world of eyewear, the most dominant colors visible in the market are colorful and bold. Rose gold and gold colors will stay on top of the list in the metallic category. These colors are ideal if paired with lenses that are mirrored. Other colors like shell pink, nude, smoke, champagne, and blush will also be dominant this year.

Lively Reds

This 2019, vibrant red eyeglasses that come with purple and pink variations will be a hot item, especially for women. It offers a bold and funky look to your entire appearance.


cat eyeglassesThis year, you will still see cat eyeglasses. Expect to see classic embellishments like pearls, jewels, and rivets. You will also see the latest single bridge form of aviator which is sleeker than the classic type. Other trends that will be dominant this 2019 are square and bold frames, retro but oversized frames, oval and round frames, and hybrid shapes.

Aviators Are Still In

Last 2017 and 2018, double bridge frames or aviators are in style. This year, it appears that this classic design for men and women is back again.

In terms of the latest trend in pop culture and fashion, the optical industry is always leading. It appears that aviator reflects the recent popularity of the 70s and 80s vibe.

Top designers inspired by aviator tried experimenting on the material, shape, and even style of this iconic eyeglasses. This year, expect to see more twists to this classic design with entertaining features like a dash of color and some plastics.


This year you will see a wide range of materials used in making eyewear. This includes wood, acetate, and some will even release 3D printed eyeglasses.

There is a trend nowadays, of items made of recycled materials to respond to consumers that demand the use of sustainable and environment-friendly materials. This is something you will also expect to see this year in the eyewear industry.

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No matter what your favorite trend may be, what is important is you can see clearly while stylishly wearing your glasses or any eyewear. If you are in Mississauga area and would like to stay fashionable with your eyewear, you can visit us at Trillium Eye Care. You can also schedule an appointment online on this website